Assessment Council

The UNC Assessment Council serves as an advisory body to the Office of Assessment.  In this role, it provides recommendations and guidance regarding the assessment of student learning outcomes, faculty and staff development related to assessment, institutional assessment processes, and recognition of best practices and effective assessment models.  Specifically, the Council

  • Collects and disseminates information regarding best practices for assessing student learning outcomes;
  • Identifies faculty and staff professional development needs regarding assessment;
  • Recommends appropriate strategies for addressing professional development needs related to assessment;
  • Reviews institutional assessment processes and makes recommendations for improvement;
  • Identifies programs that demonstrate effective assessment practices; and
  • Sponsors recognition activities to showcase and celebrate programs and individuals engaging in effective assessment.

The Assessment Council meets once a month during the academic year (fall and spring semesters).

Assessment Mini-Grants

The Office of Assessment and the University Assessment Council provides assessment mini-grants to faculty and staff members and teams to develop or improve assessment practices.  Grant awards of up to $1500 support diverse projects on topics such as test validity and reliability, rubric development, assessing co-curricular learning and development outcomes, and technology-assisted assessment activities.  A list of previously funded projects is available here: Assessment Mini-Grant Projects.

Proposals are currently being accepted through May 31 for FY 2015 projects.  The call for proposals can be viewed here: Assessment Mini-Grants Call for Proposals.

Assessment Council Membership

The Council is chaired by the Director of Assessment and consists of a faculty representative from each College, the Library, and the Faculty Senate.  There is also a representative from each of the Academic Affairs divisions and one dean.  Membership on the Council is a three-year term. 

Assessment Fair

The Assessment Council, in collaboration with the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, sponsors an annual Assessment Fair, which provides a forum for sharing and learning from the work of colleagues across campus about assessment research and best practices. 

The most recent Assessment Fair was held on February 26, 2013.  The event featured presentations from faculty and staff throughout the day and a keynote luncheon address by Provost Robbyn Wacker on the importance of assessment for improvement at UNC.   The next Assessment Fair will be March 4, 2014.