Surveys and Assessments

The Office of Assessment periodically conducts institutional surveys and assessments to support planning and decision making.  Information about recent results is available below.

Title IX Athletics Survey

Every few years, UNC surveys students about whether their interests and abilities are being met by current offerings in recreational, intramural, club, and intercollegiate sports.  Title IX requires institutions to meet the interests and abilities of male and female students, and the survey is administered to students who are underrepresented in terms of their participation in athletics.  The Title IX Athletics Survey will be administered to all degree-seeking, undergraduate women during spring 2012.

Additional information about Title IX is available here (pdf)

Collegiate Learning Assessment

The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) is a performance-based, direct measure of critical thinking, analytic reasoning, problem solving, and written communication skills.  The test provides “value-added” results to measure improvements in student learning within and between comparable institutions.  The CLA is administered to randomly-selected, representative samples of 100 first-time freshman during their first semester and 100 graduating seniors during their last semester prior to graduation.  Only seniors who started at UNC are included in the senior sample.

UNC participates in the CLA every three years.  Results from the most recent CLA are available here.

CIRP Freshman Survey

UNC participates in the Cooperative Institutional Research Program’s Freshman Survey every three years.  The survey is given to entering first-year students during New Student Orientation the summer prior to their first semester at UNC. 

Results from the most recent survey are available here:

2012 CIRP Freshman Survey:

CIRP College Senior Survey

Each year, UNC administers the Cooperative Institutional Research Program’s College Senior Survey to all graduating seniors. 

Results from the two most recent surveys are available here:

2013 CIRP College Senior Survey

2012 CIRP College Senior Survey

HERI Faculty Survey

Since 1989, UCLA’s HERI has conducted a triennial survey of the nation’s college and university faculty.  UNC has participated in the survey since 2007. 

Results from the most recent survey are available here:

UNC Alumni Survey

UNC surveys recent graduates each year to obtain information about career and graduate education placement. 

Results from the two most recent alumni surveys are available here:

UNC Image Survey

UNC periodically conducts an image survey of alumni, employees, and students about their perceptions and experiences with UNC.  Results from the 2011 survey are available here.

Campus Climate for Diversity Study

During Spring 2007, the university conducted a campus-wide survey of students, faculty and staff regarding perceptions, experiences, and attitudes related to diversity.  Results were compiled separately for each group and may be obtained by selecting from the following reports: