For Faculty

Hiring Help

Your involvement in and support of our work in the Tutoring Center is vital to our ability to promote students' success in your classes. You are our best source for finding qualified peer tutors and SI leaders, and your referrals and recommendations are critical components of our hiring process. Please let us know whenever you have a student you believe would be a good tutor. For general referrals, you may contact either Melissa Hoffner (351-1904) or Cathy Heise (351-1906). Please also encourage qualified students to contact us and apply. The Become a Peer Tutor or SI Leader link provides all the information they need.

Our hiring process requires that candidates have earned an "A" or a "B" in each class they tutor and that they submit letters of recommendation from a professor for each subject area they tutor. This helps to ensure that the academic support provided in the Tutoring Center is as closely aligned with your course curriculum as possible. The link below provides a PDF copy of our faculty recommendation form, which you may complete and submit via campus mail or email.

Faculty Recommendation (PDF)

Supplemental Instruction Support

Those of you who teach courses supported by Supplemental Instruction play a pivotal role in its success. The link below provides a PDF copy of the faculty agreement we need to you to submit for our records.

SI Faculty Agreement (PDF)

Sample Statements for Course Syllabi

Please consider including a statement about our services on your syllabus to encourage your students to take advantage of the academic support available in the Tutoring Center. Below are sample statements for your use:

For all courses supported by individual tutoring:

UNC's Tutoring Center (TC) provides free academic support to UNC students enrolled in undergraduate courses. At the TC, a trained peer tutor will work with you individually or in a small group to help you understand course content and be successful in this class. For more information or to make an appointment, stop by the TC in the lower level of Michener Library (L-149), or visit the TC website at

For all courses supported by SI:

This course is supported by Supplemental Instruction (SI), through which a trained SI leader will offer three 1-to-2 hour study sessions each week to review course content, work through problems or activities related to this class, and help you prepare for exams. I strongly encourage you to participate in SI. For more information about the SI model, visit the TC website at and click on the link for SI.


"Tutoring is a great resource; without it I would be lost!"
--Tutee, 2011

"SI is a much needed recap to consolidate what I learned all week and to solidify important concepts."
-- SI participant, 2011

"(My tutor) is very helpful at explaining problems to me and then making sure I can explain what I am doing."
-- Tutee, 2011