Becoming a Tutor

“I’m always happy to come to work.  The atmosphere in the Tutoring Center is very comfortable and friendly.” (Peer tutor to external program reviewer, 2011)

Our exemplary tutor team consists of 40-45 peer tutors and SI leaders who are dedicated to supporting the academic success of their peers on campus and to creating a welcoming and vibrant learning environment in the TC.  Along with providing tutorial services, all tutors receive on-going training and certification through CRLA at three levels: Regular Level 1, Advanced Level 2, and Master Level 3.  Our peer tutors are highly invested in the success of our program, express strong satisfaction in their work, and typically stay with us until they graduate.

If you are looking for a job on campus that offers a unique opportunity to help other students and to gain valuable educational and professional experience, check out the links below.  They contain all of the information you need to learn about and apply for a tutoring position.  Please contact Melissa Hoffner (351-1904) or Cathy Heise (351-1906) if you have any questions.  We hope to hear from you soon!


"Tutoring is a great resource; without it I would be lost!"
--Tutee, 2011

"SI is a much needed recap to consolidate what I learned all week and to solidify important concepts."
-- SI participant, 2011

"(My tutor) is very helpful at explaining problems to me and then making sure I can explain what I am doing."
-- Tutee, 2011