About the Tutoring Center (TC) & Mission Statement


The TC provides peer-led individual, small group, and Supplemental Instruction tutoring sessions to promote proactive and independent student learning.

About the TC:

The Tutoring Center (TC) is part of Academic Support & Advising (ASA). The TC employs approximately 45-50 peer tutors, who provide free academic support to UNC students enrolled in undergraduate courses. We offer assistance in study skills and in the major subject areas of mathematics, the social and behavioral sciences, the natural sciences, and business administration. Individual and small group tutoring is available in about 130 undergraduate courses. Supplemental Instruction is available in about 5-10 courses each semester. View our current semester offerings.

Centralized Program:

The centralized nature of the TC is one of its greatest assets and offers the following benefits: program visibility; consistent and sustained academic support programming; consistent standards for tutor hiring and training through CRLA; consistent and sustained program evaluation and assessment; and collaborative opportunities with faculty and staff across campus. The centralized model also increases the likelihood that students will use tutoring for more than one subject area. Through our campus partnerships, the TC also provides tutorial support in several satellite locations, offering convenience and access to all UNC students.

Peer Tutor Model:

Our peer tutors and SI leaders are the heart and soul of our tutoring program. They facilitate learning, model academic success, and promote positive study habits. The peer model supports the student-centered aspect of UNC’s mission and fosters a collaborative learning environment through student-to-student interaction. It also offers a significant professional development opportunity to high-achieving undergraduate students.


"Tutoring is a great resource; without it I would be lost!"
--Tutee, 2011

"SI is a much needed recap to consolidate what I learned all week and to solidify important concepts."
-- SI participant, 2011

"(My tutor) is very helpful at explaining problems to me and then making sure I can explain what I am doing."
-- Tutee, 2011