How Do I Find Out Who My Advisor Is?

ASA is primarily responsible for and can only give Pin #'s to our seven specific student populations:

  • Exploring
  • Exploring-Seeking Business (Pre-Business)
  • Exploring-Seeking Music (Pre-Music)
  • Exploring-Seeking Musical Theatre (Pre-Musical Theatre)
  • Exploring-Seeking Theatre (Pre-Theatre)
  • Exploring-Seeking Software Engineering (Pre-Software Engineering)

If you are changing majors, ASA is committed to providing academic advising to any student who seeks out our assistance. To schedule an appointment with an ASA advisor, please call our office at (970) 351-1391 or stop by our office in Michener L-149.


Students who are considered in the following Pre-Majors are served by different departments across the campus. Here is a list of the Pre-Majors served by departments other than ASA:

Major Served By Contact Information
Pre-Communication Communication 351-2045
Pre-Dental Ginger Fisher 351-2921
Pre-Engineering Physics 351-2961
Pre-Health Sciences Ginger Fisher 351-2921
Pre-Journalism Journalism 351-2426
Pre-Law Philosophy or Political Science 351-2472 or 351-2058
Pre-Medicine Ginger Fisher 351-2921
Pre-Nursing Nursing 351-2293
Pre-Pharmacy Ginger Fisher 351-2921
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Ginger Fisher 351-2921