Four Year Plans

Developing a personalized Four-Year Plan will help you:

  • define your personal and professional goals
  • develop a more coherent and meaningful academic program
  • help you feel that you are in control of your future

Creating a Four-Year Plan is a process that all students should learn, even if you are currently undeclared or a transfer student.

This plan gives you an individualized goal for registration that you can follow over your entire college career. Keep in mind that your 4-Year Plan needs to stay flexible – work in conjunction with your Academic Advisor to create the most ideal 4-Year Plan and to ensure you are meeting all of your degree requirements.

Most Majors at UNC offer students a generic 4-Year Plan. Many of these 4-Year Plans can be obtained by visiting the department of interest. These generic 4-Year Plans are extremely helpful to students who are creating a customized plan for themselves or for those exploring different Majors.