Important Catalog Information

Your Academic Catalog has much of the academic information you will need on a regular basis as you progress through your education at UNC. Therefore, it is critical for you to explore your Academic Catalog and meet with your Academic Advisor to get clarification or explanation of information presented in the catalog.

Catalogs in their entirety are available on the UNC Catalog homepage. The Catalog provides the following helpful information:


One of the major components to each of the degrees offered by UNC, is the Liberal Arts Core (LAC). Every student at UNC, regardless of what Major they pursue, must take 40 credits of LAC. Students in their freshman year at UNC are predominantly taking credits from the LAC curriculum.


Each Major has a detailed look at the courses and/or credits required for graduation. If you have chosen a major, this information will help you in selecting courses. If you haven't chosen a major, you can use this information to get a good understanding of programs you may be interested in.


Each course is assigned a prefix that identifies the discipline, field, or program offering the course. Numbers assigned to courses generally indicate the difficulty of a course and its location on a continuum of study. For example, 100 level courses are lower division courses for freshman and 400 level courses are upper division courses for seniors.


One of the critical pieces to your catalog is the General Information section. You can find information on many of these policies and procedures in this General Information section, topics include:

  • Undergraduate Admission
  • Financial Aid, Rates, and Student Fees
  • Policies and Procedures for All Students
  • Registration
  • Student Resources
  • Undergraduate Students, Policies, and Procedures (Each student at UNC is expected to understand the University academic policies and information that may affect them.)