Academic Probation

Academic Probation

Academic Support and Advising has designed a program specifically to help students on academic probation (students who have less than a 2.0 GPA). Our goal is to help students overcome obstacles and set off again on a strong, successful academic path. Advising assists students in identifying difficulties and to develop a plan of action to quickly return to good academic standing. Advising is mandatory prior to registration and students on academic probation are recommended to:

  • Although students on academic probation are only required to meet with an ASA Advisor once per semester, we recommend a series of appointments throughout the semester for increased success. Failure to meet with your advisor leaves a hold on your account that prevents you from registering for the next semester. Our statistics have shown that the more a student meets with his or her advisor, the higher the cumulative GPA will rise!
  • Schedule your first appointment with an ASA Advisor in the first four weeks of the semester to identify campus resources for classes, clarify questions about the Academic Standing Policy, and calculate semester GPA needed to achieve good standing (greater than 2.0)

Academic Suspension

  • There are two ways that you could be suspended and not able to return to UNC. First, if your cumulative GPA has not risen to a 2.0 or higher in the next 24 credit hours of enrollment at UNC. Second, if your cumulative GPA falls below a 1.0 while on academic probation.
  • If suspended from UNC, you have two options:
    1. Immediate Appeal Option:
      • If extenuating circumstances exist and are documented, you may appeal immediately.
      • If the appeal is granted, you are given one additional semester to raise your cumulative GPA to a 2.0. If you are unsuccessful, you will remain on academic suspension.
      • Students suspended after the Fall semester may not take interim courses. Spring courses will be dropped if the suspension appeal is denied or if the student chooses not to appeal their suspension.
      • Students suspended after the spring semester may take courses during the first 6-week Summer session. Other Summer courses and Fall courses will be dropped if the suspension appeal is denied or if the student chooses not to appeal their suspension
      • If the appeal is denied, you must successfully complete 12 semester hours with a 2.0 cumulative GPA at another regionally accredited institution, or present evidence of potential future academic success in order to be readmitted.
    2. If You Do Not File An Appeal:
      • You need to wait until the passage of one Fall or Spring semester and apply for readmission. It is recommended that you complete 12 credits of academic rigor at another institution to show your potential for future success before applying for readmission through Academic Support and Advising
      • Applications for readmission are available through ASA or online here.
      • A second academic suspension is considered a permanent suspension from future enrollment at UNC.

Our advisors are full time professionals with a wide range of experience in all academic areas at UNC. We are here to help students! Appointments with our advisors add support to your academic experience here at UNC; call today to schedule your advising appointment– (970)351-1391.