Quick Tips

  • Register for 14-16 credits to stay on track with the 4-year graduation plan
  • Freshman should register for 100-200 level classes
  • Anticipate 8:00am classes
  • Freshman should focus on completing Liberal Arts Core (LAC) classes
  • Create time in your schedule for meals, rest, homework, work, and personal time
  • Consult the catalog for information on majors and classes
  • Be aware that typically the more credits a class is worth the more time you are spending in class (number of credits = number of hours spent in class each week)
  • Be sure to schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor 3-4 weeks before registration
  • Find your registration date on URSA (instructions on how to find your date are located on your URSA account under the "Student" tab; the top right hand corner of the "Student" tab page provides the instructions under "Determine Your Date to Register").