UNC uses a variety of Holds on student accounts to help with the enforcement of particular campus policies. Holds may result in the inability to access grades, receive a transcript, or register for classes. To get a Hold removed, it usually requires some type of action by the student.

ASA Holds

There are two types of Holds that ASA can place on student accounts:

Academic Standing

An Academic Standing Hold is placed on students who are on academic probation or have been suspended from UNC. A registration hold will be placed on students' accounts each semester they are on academic probation. Attending the required meetings specified by the Advisor will remove this Hold. If a student has been suspended from UNC, the student will need to work with an ASA advisor to obtain information on their eligibility for re-enrollment. Learn more about Probation and Suspension.

No Major 30 Hours

This Hold is placed on a student's account when the student has earned 30 credit hours or more (including transfer credits, college credit earned in high school and UNC credit hours) and is still classified as Exploring or as a Pre-Major. The Hold can only be removed once the student has declared a Major. Students may fill out a Change of Major form with the department of the Major they would like to declare. Students should take their copy of the Change of Major form with the departmental signatures to the Registrar's office in Carter Hall to have their Hold removed.


  1. Login to URSA
  2. Click on "Student Tab"
  3. Under Registration Tools, click on "Registration Status"
  4. When prompted, select the semester you are inquiring about from the drop down menu
  5. You will see a message in regards to Holds on your account. If you are given a message that you have a Hold on your account, go to the bottom of the page and click on "View Holds" to see a detailed list of your Holds.