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Why should I choose the University 101 program?

It is an academic program, consisting of two courses, designed to help freshmen successfully navigate the exciting, crazy, and often scary first semester of college.  We have high expectations for our students and want to provide a challenging and supportive environment that helps students maximize their potential now and in the future.  As UNC has a proud and rich heritage as a research university, we are excited about helping students transition quickly and effectively and become productive members of our scholarly community.  Studies suggest that students who participate in first year seminars like University 101 tend to earn higher grades and to continue in college until graduation more so than those students who do not participate.

Furthermore, we want students to feel comfortable here and make meaningful connections to faculty, staff, and other students.  Following UNC’s tradition of personal attention to its students, University 101 courses are small in size, so instructors can support students individually and help them make the most of their college education and create an environment where students can build strong friendships and lasting peer networks.   

Does this program help me fulfill my graduation requirements?

Yes! The program consists of University 101, a 2-credit Liberal Arts Core elective course, paired with another 3-credit Liberal Arts Core (LAC) course that is recommended for each major.  By selecting this pairing, students can earn up to 5 credits of the 40 LAC credits required of all UNC students.

Who should take this course?

This course was designed to challenge all first year students to achieve at a higher level.  Because students share enrollment in two classes based on their specific major or program, students can quickly meet others who share the same interests and goals as well as have the opportunity to learn more about their intended discipline.  Students who have not decided on a major will benefit from exploring the options available to them.

What are some of the activities included in the course?

Classes are designed to be highly interactive and student-centered.  Students will have frequent opportunities to directly apply new skills to their current coursework, especially in the paired course.  Topics range from research skills, active reading, time management, and career exploration to personal finance as well as opportunities for extra- and co-curricular experiences.  Please see the link below for the full course description and student learning objectives.

Course Description and Student Learning Objectives

Are all freshmen required to participate?

No, enrollment is limited and participation is based on early selection.

What course will my UNIV101 seminar be paired with?

Sample pairings include:
For students in the Interdisciplinary Studies, Elementary Teaching program (ISET):

  • GEOG 100: Geography 
    University 101
  • MATH 181: Fundamentals of Mathematics I: Number and Operations
    University 101


For students who are Exploring the Liberal Arts (Undeclared):  

  • SCI 109: The Cosmos
    University 101
  • PSY 120: Principles of Psychology
    University 101


For students admitted into the Monfort College of Business as a Business major:

  • BA 251: International Business 
    University 101
  • BA 150: Foundations of Business Thought
    University 101


How do I join?

When reserving your New Student Orientation date, you will have the option to select an available pairing for your major.  If you have already signed up for orientation and did not select this option, contact Jaime Ingrisano at 970-351-1392 and she can help you select the appropriate pairing.

How do I contact University 101 Staff?

Angela L. Vaughan, PhD
Director, First Year Curriculum & Instruction
(970) 351-1175

Michael Jenkins
Graduate Program Assistant
(970) 351-1632

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