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Dr. Jittapim Yamprai

Professor of Music

Music Theory

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Visiting Professor Jittapim Yamprai has her doctoral degree in music history and literature from the University of Northern Colorado, a master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from Mahidol University and is working on a master’s in Library Science at the University of North Texas. Her dissertation, The Establishment of Western Music in Thailand, won the university’s 2011 Graduate Dean’s Citation for Outstanding Dissertation. Her master’s thesis, “Music in the Catholic Mass of Thailand” is now in the process of being published by the Catholic Church of Thailand. She was involved with the government research teams on the project of the Intellectuality in Cultural practices along Ta-jeen and Mae-glong rivers and wrote and presented the final report of that research at the 5th Thailand Academic Conference in 2005. After graduation, she taught for a year at the School of Music, University of Northern Colorado; then she moved back to Thailand, where she served as the position of musicology lecturer at the College of Music, Mahidol University; Chair for the PhD. program in music; director of the music library; and editor of the music journal. In 2012, she presented a paper at the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung in Göttengen, Germany, and a version of that research is being published in the journal Early Music. She has been invited to be a guest lecturer at Kunitachi University in Japan this November and will spend most of December working with universities in Viet Nam with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.