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School of Music Vault

Vault Hours

Times when the Vault is normally open will be posted each semester and will vary by semester according to the schedules of the staff. We cannot guarantee that we will actually be available during the hours posted because our duties frequently require that we be in another part of the building, somewhere else on campus, or away from campus. If we are not there when you come by, keep trying.

Locker Rentals

Lockers are rented through the Vault by filling out a Locker Rental Contract and paying a fee of $5 per semester. ALL FEES MUST BE PAID IN CASH!!! The locker can be renewed on the same contract for sequential semesters, but a new contract must be signed for each school year.

At the end of each semester, any lockers that have not been renewed are either emptied of their contents (those contents are stored in the Vault to be picked up by the person who signed the locker contract) or the lock will be changed until the fee is paid for the new semester.

Instrument Rentals

Instruments can be rented through the Vault for use by UNC students enrolled in music courses for classes and performances presented by the CPVA. An Instrument Rental Contract must be completed and accompanied by a fee of $25 per semester for each instrument. ALL FEES MUST BE PAID IN CASH!!! For those enrolled in Methods Classes (strings, woodwinds, or brass), the single $25 fee will transfer from one instrument to the next as you change instruments through the semester; however, a separate contract and fee is required for each Methods class taken.

Rented instruments must be returned to the Vault by Wednesday of Finals Week each semester. A late fee of $5 per day will be assessed and charged to your student account for each calendar day after the due date. A Contract Extension may be requested if you need the instrument for a Final Exam on Thursday or Friday of Finals Week or if you need the instrument to play at the Commencement ceremony. Contracts will not be extended beyond the Monday following Finals Week and late fees will be assessed. If an instrument is not returned to the Vault within 30 days of its due date, the student will be charged the full replacement cost of the instrument as stated in the contract.

Online Room Requests

Rooms in Frasier Hall and Foundation Hall may be requested for student use by completing an online request form. Requests are processed in the order they are received, usually on the following business day. Submitting a request does not reserve the room; you will receive a confirmation email with the room reservation if we are able to fulfill your request.

Any classroom that is normally used for music classes may be requested. Rooms in the Music Library are reserved through the Library. Practice rooms may not be reserved. Milne Auditorium can only be used by the School of Music for recitals and dress rehearsals. Recitals in Milne are restricted to Tuesday and Thursday evenings and only dress rehearsals can be scheduled there on Sundays after noon. We do not have access to that hall at other times or for other purposes.

Work Crew

The UNC Music Work crew consists of student employees who assist with equipment set-up for performances and dress rehearsals of the School of Music. Work Crew is assigned to student recitals when the Recital Request form is received in our office. If you need any special equipment or special stage set-up for a performance, (e.g., harpsichord), make sure to communicate with the Vault Supervisor at least one month before the performance. If you are interested in working on the Work Crew, contact the Vault Supervisor for an interview.

Recital Venues

Recitals may be scheduled through the Music Office by submitting a Recital Request Form with the appropriate signatures. See Sue Allen regarding scheduling procedures. The following venues are commonly used for recitals.

Foundation Hall: Undergraduate Brass and Percussion have Foundation Hall reserved on Tuesdays at 4:40 for their recitals; however, students may elect to use and off campus venue. This hall is available for other recitals/rehearsals at the appropriate times.

Milne Auditorium: Milne is reserved for Undergraduate Voice Recitals on Tuesdays at 4:40 and Undergraduate Piano Recitals on Thursdays at 4:40. It is available for Graduate recitals at 6:15 and Faculty recitals at 8:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Sundays after 12:00pm are designated for dress rehearsals only.

Off-Campus Venues: Several area churches allow our students to use their facilities for recitals. Information about those venues is found in the School of Music Office, Room 108