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Ken Singleton and Dick Mayne

University Bands

Whether it is performing concerts or providing halftime entertainment for the fans of the UNC Bears Football team, the University Bands department is truly dedicated to its Tradition of Excellence.

Wind Ensemble

Under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Singleton with assistance from doctoral students, the Wind Ensemble is comprised of the university's foremost musicians. Essentially an orchestral woodwind/brass/percussion section supplemented by saxophones and keyboards, this ensemble explores challenging one-player-per-part wind music by our finest composers. Membership is determined by audition and is open to music and non-music majors.

Symphonic Band

The Symphonic Band is A 68-piece ensemble that performs outstanding works in the wind ensemble/band literature, while maintaining a balance between standard repertoire and recent compositions. The Symphonic Band is under the direction of Dr. Richard Mayne with assistance from doctoral students. Membership is determined by audition and is open to music and non-music majors.

Concert Band

Concert Band provides its musicians an opportunity to explore and perform a wide spectrum of band music. Dr. Kenneth Singleton is the director of the Concert Band, with the assistance of doctoral students. No acceptance audition is required for non-music majors, however seating auditions will be held early in the semester.

Marching Band

"Pride of the Rockies" Marching Band together with the Sugar Bears Dance Line
"The Pride" and the Sugar Bears energize the UNC campus. In addition to playing at home football games, the Pride performs for the Colorado Bandmasters Association Marching Band events. The marching band is open to all UNC students. All students who know how to play an instrument are invited to participate. There is no audition for acceptance into the Pride.


Bands Faculty & Staff

  1. Dr. Ken Singleton
    Director of Bands
  2. Dr. Richard Mayne
    Associate Director of Bands
  3. Jennifer Beck
    Program Coordinator

  1. Colorado All-State Bands
  2. Conducting Symposium
  3. "Pride of the Rockies" Marching Band