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Welcome to the University of Northern Colorado Keyboard Area website. We invite you to come and study with this highly recognized and gifted faculty, individuals who are dedicated to guiding and nurturing the growth of the keyboard student with in-depth experiences in musicianship, performance and academic endeavors.

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees



Keyboard Faculty

  1. Vergie Amendola
    Area head, keyboard
    Collaborative piano, piano
  2. Caleb Harris, collaborative piano, piano
  3. Dana Landry, jazz piano
  4. Debra Throgmorton, harpsichord
  5. Lei Weng, piano
  6. Emily Book McGree, piano
  7. Nicole Harwell, piano
  8. Larissa Paggioli, piano



Audition Information

  1. Specific audition and repertoire requirements are listed on the application available on the Admissions Page
  2. Auditions for Ensemble Placement take place in the Fall.