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Welcome to Academic Studies

The Academic Studies Area is comprised of Music History and Literature, Music Theory, Music Composition, and Music Technology. This area provides both the academic backbone for all music degrees and General Education courses for non-majors. We offer the masters and doctorate in Music History and Literature and in Theory and Composition, and an undergraduate Composition degree. Most of our graduate courses involve independent research, and many of our students have placed their work in peer-reviewed publications.

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduate Degrees

Academic Studies Faculty

  1. Jonathan Bellman
    Academic Studies in Music
    Music History and Literature
    Area Head
  2. Eric Alexander
    Music Composition; Music Theory
  3. Frank Cook
    Music History and Literature
  4. Janice Dickensheets
    Music History and Literature
  5. Robert Ehle
    Music Composition; Music Theory
  6. Paul Elwood
    Music Composition; Music Theory
  7. Socrates Garcia
    Music Theory / Director of Music Technology
  8. Deborah Kauffman
    Music History
  9. Heeseung Lee
    Music History
  10. Stephen Luttmann
    Music Librarian; Music History and Literature
  11. Daniel Obluda
    Music Theory
  12. Michael Oravitz
    Music Theory
  13. Carissa Reddick
    Music Theory
  14. Jittapim Yamprai
    Music Theory