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Undergraduate Music Theory Assessment Test Information

  1. You will need to take an undergraduate theory assessment test prior to enrolling in UNC music theory courses. The exam is offered on-line on Blackboard. Instructions of how to access Blackboard are below.
  2. The results of these exams will NOT affect your admissions status.
  3. All incoming music majors and minors are required to take either Foundations of Music (MUS 104) or the pair of classes, Music Theory I (MUS 113) and Aural Skills I (MUS 114). Foundations of Music is a single semester class that is designed to prepare students for MUS 113 and MUS 114.


The results of this online exam will determine whether you must enroll in Foundations of Music (MUS 104) or Music Theory I (MUS 113) and Aural Skills I (MUS 114).


--Website Instructions--

You will be using an online course management system called Blackboard (think of it as a website with lots of built-in features). On the menu at the left, you should see the following buttons:

  • Exam Instructions
  • Assessment Exam
  • Exam Results

Click "Exam Instructions" to view instructions on how to take this exam and what to expect. The first page you saw when you logged into Blackboard should have been this page, the "Exam Instructions" page.


When you are ready to take the exam, click "Assessment Exam." In the new window that opens, click "Music Theory Exam," then click "Begin" to start the exam. The assessment exam consists of approximately 30 multiple-choice questions that cover a variety of topics including pitch, rhythm, keys, scales, and triads. Select the correct answer by clicking on the button next to your desired letter choice. NOTE: Some answers will require that you select more than one multiple choice item for a single question, so please read each section's instructions carefully. Incomplete answers are considered incorrect.

You will have 1 hour to complete the exam, after which the test will close automatically. You may take the exam up to three times.


Using the browser Back button or printing the test may take you out of the exam prematurely. Instead, use the scroll bar to move back to check earlier questions and the arrow keys to navigate within a test. Be patient when using the Save and Submit buttons. It may take a few moments to move to the next question or receive confirmation.

IMPORTANT: Click the "Save" button after each question along the way. This will help prevent issues with the browser timing out. At the end of the test, click the "Submit" button to complete the testing process. Once the "Submit" button is selected, a confirmation window will appear. Select "OK" and a final screen will appear confirming that your answers have been accepted.

When you have finished taking the exam, your score will be displayed. If your score is 70 or above, you may register for Music Theory I (MUS 113) and Aural Skills I (MUS 114). If your score is 69 or below, you will be required to enroll in Foundations of Music (MUS 104). Clicking "Exam Results" will display the course into which you have placed, based on your score.

You will need to take the exam anytime between now and when you register for classes during the summer.

If you have not been given access to the exam, e-mail to be added to the exam.



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