Ohana 80631

Ohana 80631 is a student retention program that pairs freshman students from Hawaii with volunteers within the Northern Colorado community who will serve as a resource and mentor to these students. Through this program, students will have the opportunity to bond with the Northern Colorado community and experience what this state truly has to offer. The program enriches the time that these students will spend in Colorado by giving them someone to call if they want to ask questions about the community, need help with a project, or just want to get together for dinner. In the future, we plan to expand on this program to include more freshman students.

Ohana 80631 needs more community members to serve as mentors and as resources for Hawaii’s freshman students’ success at UNC. We need your help. We need volunteers and families interested in making a difference and making an impact on our students’ success at UNC.

To register as a mentee, please fill out this student information sheet and fax the form to (970) 351-1999. You will receive a confirmation via email by one of our staff.

Student Registration Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To find out more about this program, email us, or give us a call!






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