san blas

2014: San Blas, Mexico


2013: Porto Alegre, Brazil


2012: Barcelona, Spain

McBeth in at Mamoth Cave National Park

2011: Kentucky, United States of America


2010: Budapest, Hungary

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2009: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro; O Cristo Redentor)

Burmese Refugees at Mae Sot city dump

2008: Mae Sot, Thailand (Burmese Refugees at City Dump)

sally and karen in ireland

2007: Ireland with my sister, Karen

Temple in India

2006: Semester at Sea

California, Hawaii, Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar/Burma, India, Egypt, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Florida

Here is my Semester at Sea Powerpoint (fall 2006). It will provide you with the briefest of overviews of my travels. Enjoy!

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Sally and Joonok at Notre Dame, Paris

2006: Spain and France with friend/Colleague Joonok Huh

Kirsty, Sally, and Malcolm in Australia

2004-05: Australia: Malcolm ( my son ) and I visit friend/Colleague Kirsty Bell

Totem Teddy goes home to the Tlingit Tribe of Alaska

2003: Alaska, repatriate "Totem Teddy" ( Bear Clan Totem ) to the Tlingit

Sally and Korean children

2002: Korea with Kirsty Bell

Stonehenge: Sally,  Malcolm, Maggie, Loney

1999: Britain (Stonehenge) with Loney and the kids, Malcolm and Maggie

Essie, Sally, Malcolm and Muriel : Naytahwaush, MN

1987: Essie, Sally, Malcolm, and Muriel; White Earth Res., Naytahwaush, MN

Sally on Molokai 1972

1971-72: Molokai; spent a year working for Molokai Seed ( seed corn )