Middle Range Societies

Besides my interest in ancient cities I also investigate alternative developmental pathways. I have published reports and syntheses of research on the Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age materials from Kenan Tepe, a village in southeastern Turkey (Creekmore 2007; Parker et al. 2004). I argue that concepts like chiefdom cycling (Anderson 1994) may provide insight into why some areas, such as the Upper Tigris River Valley, avoided or even resisted urbanism at a time when it was spreading in neighboring regions. I also studied middle-range societies through human osteological research of burials from the late prehistoric Guale burial mounds on St. Catherines Island, Georgia. In collaboration with other scholars, under the direction of Dr. Clark Larsen, I analyzed a subset of human remains recovered from re-excavation of poorly-executed late 19th century excavations. This data provided a baseline for comparison with later mission-period Guale populations (Larsen et al. 2002). My other work in North America includes participating in a field school at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, studying mobile forager camp sites in North Park and the Front Range of Colorado, investigating historic forts and cemeteries in Colorado, and surveying and excavating a variety of prehistoric and historic period settlements along the east coast of the U.S.A. during my employment with cultural resource management firms.

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Resistivity Survey, Kenan Tepe (using Geoscan RM-15 Resistance Meter)