Forced Resettlement

Forced resettlement describes a range of situations in which persons are required to relocate their home for reasons beyond their control. This can occur as a result of warfare, and cases of eminent domain such as dam-building and subsequent flooding of inhabited areas. I am interested in the causes, effects, and processes of forced resettlement both today and in antiquity. A well-known case is the neo-Assyrian Empire, which forcibly resettled conquered populations in order to break up resistance and increase agricultural productivity in sparsely-populated zones(Oded 1979). Forced resettlement was also a key part of social control in the Inca Empire. Today, large groups of people in countries around the world are forced to move to make way for large dams. The "success" or failure of resettlement programs varies greatly, but it is always a traumatic experience for those who lose their homes and land.

Oded, Bustenay
1979  Mass deportations and deportees in the Neo-Assyrian Empire.  Wiesbaden: Reichert.