Community Partners


I am working to develop community partners in order to provide mutually beneficial research, teaching,learning, and service opportunities for UNC students and faculty, and the Greeley - Weld County community. If your organization would like to establish a partnership, please contact me.


The Poudre Learning Center

The Poudre Learning Center (PLC) consists of 65 acres located along the Poudre River about 20 minutes from UNC’s campus.  The PLC offers outdoor learning programs to students from K-12, higher education and the Northern Colorado community, and has hosted over 40,000 K-adult visitors in the last six years. The PLC is designed to connect the community to the natural landscape and ecosystem, providing invaluable outdoor education and fostering an appreciation for natural history, science, and stewardship of natural resources.  

Archaeology activity

During the 2012 school year, with funding from the Littler Youth Fund of the Community Foundation of Greeley and Weld County, I will work with the PLC and UNC anthropology students to construct an archaeology activity at the PLC. This activity will replicate, as closely as possible, archaeological excavation, data recording, and interpretation. The goal of this activity is to educate students and community members, at all age and grade levels, about the key principles of archaeology. It is expected that after this experience, participants will be better-equipped to respond to popular media representations of archaeological discoveries, and become better stewards of local pre/history and its remains.  By constructing the activity and maintaining it from year to year, UNC anthropology students will hone their archaeological skills and engage in a valuable service learning experience.

Geophysics test site

During the 2012-2013 school year, with funding from the UNC Faculty Research and Publication Board New Project Program, I will work with the PLC and UNC anthropology students to construct a geophysics training and test site at the PLC.  This test site will provide a local, permanent place to train students in the use of geophysics instruments, and will host geophysics workshops and field days for the public.  In constructing the test site students will gain valuable skills in experimental archaeology and assist me in devising geophysics models for archaeological features commonly encountered in Colorado archaeology.