Academic Programs

UNC’s Anthropology program offers both a major in Anthropology and two minors—one in General Anthropology and one in Multicultural Anthropology.

The Major

The major in Anthropology includes both interdisciplinary and applied elements designed to better prepare our graduates for post-graduation careers and advanced graduate education opportunities.

The major allows students to develop and complete an interdisciplinary theme of study that goes far beyond a traditional, strictly discipline-based major. Today, with increasing demand for cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills in both old and newly evolving professions, multi-discipline-based degrees are in growing demand. UNC’s anthropology faculty is actively involved in advising and assisting students in the design and implementation of individualized degree programs involving anthropology and its related areas of study within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

A central requirement in the Anthropology B.A. is student participation in real-life research and internship programs. In both their upper division coursework and individual research projects, students learn basic skills and core knowledge areas in anthropology and other disciplines, carrying them a step further by working in professional environments and conducting faculty-supervised field and laboratory research. In many cases, student coursework will involve field studies conducted in cooperation with other UNC departments and outside institutions and agencies.

Examples include on-going archaeological survey and excavation projects in Rocky Mountain National Park and the montane North Park valley, the latter on lands administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (click on Project Links on the Anthropology home page for details).

ANT B.A. Four Year Plan

The Minors

The program offers two minors—one in general anthropology and the other in multicultural anthropology. The General Anthropology minor consists of 21 credit hours (7 courses) of required and elective courses while the Multicultural Anthropology minor requires 18 hours (6 courses). Anthropology minors offer distinct advantages in knowledge and skills for students majoring in a wide variety of disciplines. from business to the humanities, the social sciences, and the physical, biological, and earth sciences.

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