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Anthro Club is a forum for anthropologists of all levels to come together and explore new ideas, develop meaningful experiences and participate in the surrounding community.  Our goals are to develop a resource for students to facilitate greater awareness about humanity and culture among themselves and throughout their community.  We want to initiate a community presence for the UNC Anthropology Department and create important connections between students and faculty.  We encourage everyone to help us direct the path of the club throughout the year and to share your ideas and feedback.  As always, students, faculty, staff and friends are always welcome to attend and contribute to all Anthro Club events and meetings.

We look forward to seeing you! 

President Alexandra Krumtum & Officers Holly Berg, Wendy Wright, Caity Miller and Jennifer Wright

HIGHLIGHTS: Contact Alexandra Krumtum ( if your project, research, interests or achievements have been highlighted or recognized on campus or in the community. We want to celebrate anthropology students, faculty AND staff!

Check here for CAMPUS AND COMMUNITY OPPORTUNTIES to get involved in community outreach.


Text "JOIN ANTHRO" to 720-935-0232 to receive weekly text message updates about club events!!


Club meetings will be held every Wednesday at 6:00PM in the Anthro Lab (1190 Candelaria) unless otherwise announced.


Attending this event is a MUST for all UNC juniors and seniors. Come to learn about graduate school from a Q & A panel with faculty and graduate students. We will go over topics related to applications, program selection, what to expect and MORE! Bring questions! There will be food, drinks and lots of VALUABLE INFORMATION! Be sure to attend even if you're not sure about grad school, you never know what you might learn!

"A WALK IN THEIR SHOES" REFUGEE SIMULATION Thursday, Oct. 18th 5PM-8PM at the Global Refugee Center (Field) 1424 13th Avenue Greeley

Greeley is home to a diverse group of refugees and immigrants. Ever wonder what their past experiences have been like? Come experience firsthand many of the struggles and circumstances that our refugees have gone through on their journey to Greeley. This is an extremely valuable perspective, you won't want to miss out! Bring warm clothes and flashlight.

HALLOWEEN MOVIE NIGHT & COSTUME CONTEST Wednesday, Oct. 24th 6PM-8PM in the UC Aspen Suites

Join Anthro Club, Psi Chi and Sociology Club while we watch a Halloween movie and judge costumes. Bring food, pillows, blankets and an awesome costume!

10/31- There will be no club meeting on Halloween. Have fun!


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11/21- There will be no club meeting over Thanksgiving break. Happy Turkey Day!


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Remember to like UNC Anthro Club on Facebook for regular updates and announcements.

To join the Department of Anthropology’s listserv and receive club e-newsletters, e-mail the Anthropology Administrative Assistant, Brooks Pardew.



Homecoming Pride Week & Community Fest 10/3/12 - 10/6/12:

To show our Bear pride, students made tie-dye shirts, bags, aprons, bandanas and flowers! Anthro Club also supported the department at UNC's Community Fest wearing our traditional cultural outfits.




Loveland Stone Age Fair 9/29/12:

Anthro Club visited the fair to meet local archaeologists, sit in on presentations/demos and see a unique collection of stone tool artifacts.



Cultural Craft Night 9/26/12:

Students had a chance to learn about crafts from around the world. We had stations for origami, splatter paint, hand weaving bracelets and necklaces, tie dye, henna, crocheting/knitting, shaping clay, stenciling, paper lanterns and more!






Networking Night 9/19/12:

Anthro Club gave students and faculty the opportunity to connect and share research and ways to get involved in the community and campus.

Everyone gathered ready to share and learn!

Caity and Ally

Culture Night 9/12/12:

Students and faculty brought food from around the world and enjoyed sharing and hearing about everyone's cultural experiences. We also got to see some really cool artifacts from different groups in Greeley and from past traveling experiences!

Our delicious selection of foods!


Caity models fall fashion.

First Nations 9/2012:

Anthro Club enjoyed volunteering with and meeting First Nations members while enjoying a festivity of traditional intertribal dance, music, food, outfits, and arts and crafts!


Caity and Alexandra


Margaret Mead's Birthday Party 9/5/12:

Dr. Sally McBeth hosted the Department's annual celebration of one of Anthropology's founders. Students, faculty, staff and friends enjoyed food, music and great company.




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