About the Alumni Association

The University of Northern Colorado Alumni Association is a growing, global network of more than 130,000 UNC Bears. Founded in 1965, we are graduates, continuing students, parents and friends.  Our goal is to ensure that alumni - Bears of all generations - are actively connected to the life of our university and one another by providing opportunities for lifelong involvement, enrichment and investment. 

Once a Bear, Always a Bear!

Alumni Association History


UNC's first Homecoming

A tradition that spans generations, UNC first celebrated the homecoming of alumni in 1923. Today the event and tradition of Homecoming includes the alumni association, athletics, student life, Greek life and the Greeley community at large.


UNC names first honored alumni

More than 140,000 individuals have earned a degree from the university.  In 1947, then named Colorado State College of Education began to honor a select group of alumni for their accomplishments and service to their alma mater.


Alumni Association is founded

In 1965, under the leadership of then named Colorado State College President Darrel Holmes, the alumni association was founded. The association's original board was comprised of nine members including its first president, Greeley businessman Charles Lott and first executive secretary Mearl Grabill.


Foundation is founded

With the leadership from alumna Judy Farr, the now named UNC Foundation was established to provide support for and steward the donations made to the university.


Association merges with UNC Foundation

The UNC Alumni Association merged with the UNC Foundation in 2004. The merger transferred fiduciary and administrative oversight of alumni activities to UNC Foundation management but kept the program identity of the alumni association and association's board.


Foundation transfers administration to university

In 2010, UNC President Kay Norton moved the administration of institutional advancement from the UNC Foundation to a new cabinet position, the Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations. Along with the move, the UNC Alumni Association became a program officially administered by the university with support from the alumni board.

Do you have questions or additional history to share? Contact the UNC Office of Alumni Relations at alumni@unco.edu to help us tell the story of UNC's alumni relations over time.