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You can declare a major or minor in Africana Studies, but you may also want to “double major,” preferably with a second major in the social sciences, the humanities, or the sciences. For example, a student majoring in both Africana Studies and Political Science or a foreign language may find unique career opportunities in public policy, international relations or business.

For prospective social studies teachers, Africana Studies offers a degree program in secondary education teaching. Upon successful completion of the degree program and required certification exams, Africana Studies secondary teaching education majors will find themselves marketable to teach both in public and private schools nationally and internationally.   

Advising Information

Prior to meeting with their advisers each semester, students should consult the schedule of classes to see what courses are being offered in the coming semester and review their standing with respect to Africana Studies program requirements:

Courses Offered by the Africana Studies Program

More Details About Africana Studies

Africana Studies is the scholarly research, study, and interpretation of the history and culture of people of African descent in the African Diaspora. The African Diaspora is composed of people of African origin who reside primarily in Africa, the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Africana Studies majors will evaluate and analyze many of the ideas, individuals, institutions, and accomplishments of the past and present. They will examine the distinctiveness of African American people as well as their interrelationships with racial-ethnic groups. Also included is the study of identity, cultures, customs, traditions, languages, and mannerisms.

The contextual scope of Africana Studies as developed academically is interdisciplinary in nature. Subjects comprising that interdisciplinary field include religion, political science, economics, art, music, anthropology, history, and sociology. Africana Studies provides an intellectually broadening field of studies for all students, regardless of race or ethnicity


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For More Information

For more information, see your adviser or contact the program coordinator.