Q1: How do I confirm that I am registered?
You will be notified by "snail" mail as part of the registration process. Confirmations are mailed out within 2 days of receiving your information. It's best to assume that you have NOT been registered unless you have received notification. You can contact Extended Campus by phone 800-232-1749. Related to this issue, be sure to read the FAQ below.

Q2. Can I depend on my district to promptly process my papers?
NO!!!!! Every year several teachers call us a week before the workshop starts asking why they haven't heard anything yet, just to find out they have not been registered because the district is still processing the payment paperwork and the registration forms have not been mailed to us. Worse, some of these teachers turn in their paper work to their district in January or February.

Please note that registration fee deadlines refer to when the registrations are postmarked or faxed, not when they are submitted to the district. Don't trust your district business office to do the job. If you haven't heard that you've been registered, contact UNC's Extended Campus (1-800-232-1749) to find out what your status is.

Q3: Can I register for the workshop in June after the registration deadline?
No guarantees. Workshops fill fast. We typically accept registration right up until that time the workshop is capped and closed which could be May or early June.

Q4: Can I get a refund if I decide not to attend the conference?
Maybe. Cancellations received after June 3 will be accepted but no refund will be issued. No-shows are charged the full workshop fee. If space is available, a school district may send a replacement for a registered participant if University of Northern Colorado Extended Studies (toll free 1-800-232-1749) is notified by June 3 with the name of the individual and the corresponding course.

Q5: Once I get to Greeley, where do I report?
We will mail you a letter in May, 4-6 weeks before the workshop begins, with all the information you need, including a campus map and a parking pass. If you have not received the mailing 10 days before the start of the workshop, you should contact Extended Campus (1-800-232-1749).

Q6: Suppose I lose the mailing mentioned above. Can I just show up at UNC and find the workshop easily.
Contact Extended Campus (toll free 1-800-232-1749) to get copies of what was lost. You may be charged for replacement of the lost parking pass.

Q7: Which are nicer, the dorm rooms at UNC or the rooms in area hotels?
Face it, the dorm rooms at UNC are exactly that: dorm rooms. They are nice as dorm rooms go but if you are looking for turn-down service and chocolates on your pillow, you won't find them in a dorm room =). Linens and air conditioning are provided but that's about it. Serviceable but not fancy. (see Housing)

Q8: Are the classrooms close to the dorms and parking?
Yes, it is an easy 3-5 minute walk.

Q9: Are there any fees beyond those listed on the registration form?
Well, there are NO additional required fees, but there are some other fees you may encounter:

  • If you park on campus in a lot NOT included within the parameters of our parking pass , you will need to purchase a daily parking pass.The cost of a parking pass is $5.00 per day.
  • You will receive a nametag card when you check in identifying you as a summer conference participant. This nametag along with an additional fee provides you access to various campus facilities such as the rec center and the library.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-232-1749 if you have further questions.

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