Meet Our Tour Guides

Our UNC tour guides, known as Student Ambassadors, are a team of knowledgeable student leaders who will provide you information on the exceptional academic, cultural and social opportunities that UNC and Greeley have to offer. Whether you come for a campus tour or an event day, Student Ambassadors will welcome you to our campus in a friendly and authentic manner, and ensure that your tour experience is unique and personalized. To find out more about our incredibly talented and insightful guides, click on their photos below.

Do you have a desire and passion to promote UNC to potential students by giving campus tours?

Are you a current UNC student? Well here’s your chance. YOU can apply to be a UNC Student Ambassador!

As student employees of the UNC Office of Admissions, Student Ambassadors are often the first and primary point of contact for campus visitors when visiting UNC for a daily tour or recruitment event like Discover UNC. As a Student Ambassador, your viewpoints, attitude and knowledge become a constant example of what UNC students are like to prospective students and their families. If they can connect with you, they’ll feel a connection to UNC—and hopefully choose to attend later down the road! You will work with a wide range of potential students both on and off campus while promoting UNC and talking about our various programs and resources. You’ll also get to learn all about the admissions and enrollment process to assist students as they navigate their way to UNC.

Our Student Ambassadors are an integral part of the Admissions Office team, and because of this, we require student employees with a high degree of integrity and responsibility, a positive attitude, and excellent communication and leadership skills.

UNC Student Ambassadors are hired once a year for the following academic your through the Student Leadership Staff Selection Process. 

Find out more and apply online here