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An education at the University of Northern Colorado is hands-on in the classroom, the laboratory and the field. Explore our programs to find out how UNC will prepare you for — or help you find — your dream career.

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Undergraduate programs

74% of our classes have less than 30 students
Courses with fewer than 30 students

Average Class Size is 23 people

Average class size of 26 students

Student-to-faculty ratio


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18 Faculty Fulbright Scholars

While You’re Here


At UNC, research isn’t just a graduate school experience. It’s a big part of an undergraduate education. Receiving $17.5 million in external funding over the past three years, UNC’s faculty and students study, explore and grow through horizon-expanding research. Undergraduate students also deepen learning through internships, student teaching, fieldwork, student mentoring and clinical placement programs.


UNC's Honors Program includes two programs to allow students to explore their academic interests through the classroom and with a faculty mentor. The Honors Interdisciplinary Program offers courses designed for students in any major to incorporate into their studies. The Upper Division Honors Program pairs students with a faculty mentor to complete an in-depth research, applied or creative project. 

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UNC students in the STEM programs research a variety of topics, both alongside faculty and with peer researchers. Recent examples include using cannabinoids to target cancer tumors, learning the language of math, testing accelerants used in forest fire arsons, and more.  

Study Abroad

If you want to stretch your learning beyond the borders of Colorado, UNC offers more than 500 programs in more than 60 countries.

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Four out of five UNC graduates are employed or attending school one year after graduating.


Once You’re Done

From its beginnings more than 125 years ago, the University of Northern Colorado has been proud of its graduates — professionals who step out to change lives and shape the world around them. At UNC, you follow in the footsteps of some amazing graduates. Here are a few of their stories.

UNC Alumni Highlight

Armando Silva '10

Artist, Muralist

"All great places have people, ideas and cultures that feed into it. Being a first-generation graduate (high school and college) and Mexican immigrant has allowed me to connect with the community in a great way." 

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