High School Concurrent

The State of Colorado provides several options for high school students who meet high school standards to begin college early. The purpose of these options include promoting content standards, providing academic challenges, and providing access to academic courses that may not be available at a local high school to meet high school graduation requirements.

Concurrent Enrollment

You may be eligible for the Concurrent Enrollment Program if you:

  • Are under 21 years of age and in the 9th – 12th grade;
  • Have received approval from the local high school for your academic plan of study;
  • Have applied for concurrent enrollment approval from the high school prior to the deadline set by the high school; and
  • Meet the minimum college prerequisites for the desired course(s).


You may be eligible for the ASCENT program if you:

  • Have completed (or be on schedule to complete) at least 12 hours of postsecondary course work prior to the completion of your 12th grade year;
  • Are not in need of basic skills coursework;
  • Have been selected for participation in the ASCENT program by your high school principal or equivalent school administrator;
  • Have satisfied the minimum prerequisites for the course(s); and
  • Have not have participated in the ASCENT program in previous years.

If you are interested in either of these programs, please see your high school counselor to complete the appropriate paperwork.