University of Northern Colorado Research and Internships

Receiving over $30 million in external funding over the past three years, the University of Northern Colorado’s faculty and students are answering questions through study, exploration, growth and experience.  UNC’s collaborative and diverse community allows undergraduate students to get involved in internships, student teaching, fieldwork, student mentoring, clinical placement programs and research regardless of their academic goals. UNC recognizes undergraduate students for their scholarly accomplishments and research by publishing the bi-yearly research journal.

To learn more about undergraduate research and internship opportunities, visit the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Academic Diversity

Our broad academic offerings and worldwide influence share a common theme of promoting human understanding and enriching lives globally. At UNC, you will expand your knowledge beyond the classroom and engage in a collective environment with faculty and communities around the world. Education isn't just about classes, grades and exams—it's about the experiences you'll have along the way. UNC incorporates five areas of engaged learning:

  1. Research and Creative Work: Undergraduates have a variety of research opportunities and creative projects to participate in regardless of their academic goals. We recognize undergraduates for their scholarly accomplishments through the biyearly published Undergraduate Research Journal.
  2. Civic Engagement: Committed to community and volunteer involvement, UNC encourages students to engage in outreach events and activities. UNC students can be found coaching at-risk youth, earning student service awards for addressing social and environmental challenges or leading a project for a worthy cause.
  3. Global Experiences: More than 500 study abroad programs are offered here. Learn globally with service opportunities abroad and at home or participate in an international academic student exchange program.
  4. Leadership: Develop leadership skills by getting involved in any of the 150+ student clubs and organizations on campus. UNC ranks 17th among mid-size colleges and universities in the number of alumni serving in the Peace Corps.
  5. Professional Experience: Did you know that UNC teacher candidates contribute 40,000 hours of work time to local K-12 schools each year? Opportunities for community service, internships, student teaching, fieldwork, student mentoring, and clinical placement programs provide future educators with hands-on experience they need to accomplish their goals.