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An education at the University of Northern Colorado is hands-on — in the classroom, the laboratory and the field. Here, learning stimulates the mind and awakens creativity.

Six outstanding colleges:

  • College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Monfort College of Business
  • College of Natural and Health Sciences
  • College of Performing and Visual Arts
  • University College

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Choose from majors and coursework in everything from Social Science and Sports and Exercise Science to Anthropology and Africana Studies.


UNC’s outstanding academic offerings and worldwide influence share a common theme—promoting human understanding and enriching lives globally. At UNC, you expand your knowledge, collaborate with faculty and engage in communities around the world. To deepen this unique approach, UNC focuses on five areas of engaged learning: Research and creative work, civic engagement, global experiences, leadership and professional experience.

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At UNC, research isn’t just a graduate school experience. It’s a big part of undergraduate education.

Receiving more than $30 million in external funding over the past three years, UNC’s faculty and students study, explore, grow and experience through horizon-expanding research. Undergraduate students deepen learning through internships, student teaching, fieldwork, student mentoring, clinical placement programs and research. UNC recognizes undergraduate students for their scholarly accomplishments and research by publishing the bi-yearly Undergraduate Research Journal.

Our broad academic offerings and worldwide influence share a common theme of promoting human understanding and enriching lives globally. At UNC, you will expand your knowledge beyond the classroom and engage in a collective environment with faculty and communities around the world. Education isn’t just about classes, grades and exams—it’s about the experiences you’ll have along the way.

In the wide, open spaces of Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin, UNC student Miles Wentland chips a few pieces of limestone from an outcrop and peers at them closely under magnification. Taking some measurements, he adds them to his undergraduate research project and preps to present his finding at the upcoming Geological Society of America’s national conference.

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Across campus in Frasier Hall, piano music drifts down the hall as Shaina Rush researches how improvisational therapy methods can help musicians with musical performance anxiety.

Academic Opportunities

At UNC, the opportunities are limitless, rigorous and hands-on. Work side-by-side with professors and peers on research as an integral element of your UNC undergraduate experience. Gain experience-deep understanding in your field with more than 250 community-based, internship or practica-based courses, and more than 500 study abroad programs.

Benefit from the 20 institutes and centers on campus—like the Tointon Institute for Educational Change and Math and Science Teaching Institute (MAST) or the Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute (RMCRI).

UNC offers hundreds of rewarding opportunities for study abroad in

63 countries


Learn about the world, gain new perspectives and build valuable skills for the global workforce. Explore options like UNC Exchange, Affiliated Study Abroad, Faculty-Led Programs and Summer Study Abroad.

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Since childhood, Rachel Rose Jackson wanted to visit Africa, so studying abroad seemed like the perfect way to accomplish her goal. A UNC nursing major from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Rachel studied in Africa and went on to co-found the Kayayei Association, a nonprofit that offers health care, education and vocational training to women and children in Ghana.

With wide open opportunities like study abroad, UNC students reach out for global experiences, enriching their education and making differences for people around the world and close to home.