Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions

Dana KohlerDana Kohler


Hometown: Nucla/Naturita, CO

Undergraduate Institution: Colorado State University

Hobbies & Interests: scrapbooking, reading, hanging out with my family and spoiling my nephews

Favorite Thing About UNC: The size; I appreciate that UNC is big enough to have things going on but small enough that students can make an impact.

Favorite Place on Campus: Center court in Gunter Hall Ė I love that they kept the hardwood there after they remodeled!

Favorite Places to Eat in Greeley: Local joints - Roma, El Cielo or Albertos

Little known fact about me: Iíve been to more countries than states (weird!)

My Advice to You: Study Abroad!!! I canít quickly put in to words how studying abroad changed my life. Youíll love it!