Admissions Counselor

Jim GreenwoodJim Greenwood

Admission Counselor, Regional Team


Hometown: Denver, CO

Undergraduate Institution: UNC (Second Generation UNC Alum - A proud family of BEARS!!!)

Hobbies & Interests: Vegetable gardening, Jazz, soccer, scuba diving, skiing & travelling the world

Favorite Thing About UNC: Since UNC is a smaller University, the personal and professional relationships I established with my professors and the lifelong friends I have from my years at UNC. 

Favorite Place Campus:  The greatest athletic facilities & sports programs for all students.

Favorite Place to Eat in Greeley: Hot, fresh Winchell’s doughnuts on a cold snowy night after leaving the library.

Little Known Fact About Me: Since 8 years old I have been a jazz & classical drummer and I could wiggle my ears… to this day I still play and wiggle!

My Advice to You: First, always visit the school(s) you are looking at to find the one you like.  For the years you are a student, the school you choose will be YOUR home to build YOUR life for YOUR future.  Also, take the time to honestly explore your interests and passions while in college.  I started as a Natural Resources Administrations major and graduated with degrees in Theatre, Music and Speech Communications… the best thing that ever happened …you just never know.  Thanks UNC!!!