Assistant Director of Visitor Services and Events

Chris BierdemanChris Bierdeman

Visit Coordinator

Phone: 970-351-2063

Hometown: East Peoria, IL

Hobbies & Interests: Travelling, Camping, Skiing, Singing, Reading

Favorite thing about UNC: Small school feel, with the benefits and opportunities of a much larger school!

Favorite Activity on Campus: The Hawaii Club Luau—great food and hula dancing!

Favorite Place to Eat in Greeley: The Tavern

Little Known Fact About Me: I gave campus tours when I was a college student back in 1999-2000!

My Advice to You: Pick a college or university that you feel that you can get the most involved at.  Look around for clubs, sports, activities, or music groups that interest you, and go out for them!  Getting involved helps you establish friendships that can last a lifetime…