Become a UNC Ambassador

Do you love UNC? Do you have a passion to promote UNC to potential students? Would you like to give campus tours? Well here’s your chance. YOU can become a UNC Student Ambassador!

As student employees of the UNC Office of Admissions, Student Ambassadors are often the first and primary point of contact for campus visitors when visiting UNC for a daily tour or recruitment event like Preview Day. As a Student Ambassador, your viewpoints, attitude and knowledge become a constant example of what UNC students are like to prospective students and their families.  If they can connect with you, they’ll feel a connection to UNC—and hopefully choose to attend later down the road!  You will work with a wide range of potential students both on and off campus while promoting UNC and talking about our various programs and resources.  You’ll also get to learn all about the admissions and enrollment process to assist students as they navigate their way to UNC.  

Our Student Ambassadors are an integral part of the Admissions Office team, and because of this, we require student employees with a high degree of integrity and responsibility, a positive attitude, and excellent communication and leadership skills.

Our Mission:

The mission of the UNC Student Ambassador Program is to assist the Office of Admissions’ recruitment efforts for prospective students and their families by welcoming and serving all campus visitors and providing quality campus tours and effective student outreach.

Our Motto – Let’s be BEARS!

  • By becoming a Student Ambassador, I pledge to share my passion and enthusiasm for UNC,
  • Educate myself on everything that is UNC, and welcome all campus visitors in a friendly,
  • Authentic, professional way by giving insightful and engaging campus tours, assisting with
  • Recruitment efforts, and gaining valuable communication, problem-solving and leadership
  • Skills all while learning to serve others and give back to the UNC campus community.

Student Ambassador Program details:

The Student Ambassador position is a full school-year commitment from August through May. As a UNC Student Ambassador, you will generally work between 9-14 hours a week (during the school year) by giving campus tours, making calls to prospective students, and attending weekly meetings and trainings, in addition to working our large admissions events like Preview Day.

We encourage any interested current students to apply.  If you are interested in becoming an ambassador please fill out one of the following online applications during our hiring period, February 15th- March 15th. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to receiving your application. If you have additional questions please feel free to call the Visitor Center at 970-351-2881.

If hired, you are required to attend a three day fall training at the end of summer from Wednesday August 21st to Friday August 23rd immediately before the Fall Semester begins.

Below are the positions and brief job descriptions for both our Student Ambassador, Graduate Assistant, and hourly positions. Only students currently enrolled a UNC graduate program may apply for a Graduate Assistant or hourly position.

Student Ambassador Application

Student Ambassador Positions:

Bear Guides

  • Pay starts at $8.00/hour*
  • Approximately 20 positions available
  • Responsibilities include giving campus tours, participating in our outreach nights (calling prospective students), and working recruitment events like Preview Day

Admissions Assistants

  • Pay starts at $8.10/hour*
  • Approximately 8-10 positions available
  • Same responsibilities as Bear Guides, plus
  • Will work approximately 2 extra hours per week assisting their assigned Admissions Counselor

Social Media Manager

  • Pay starts at $8.50/hour*
  • One position available
  • Same responsibilities as Bear Guides, plus
  • Will work an additional 5-10 hours/week to
  • Oversee and primarily manage the Student Ambassador Facebook Page
  • Assist with the management of the Admissions Facebook page, Twitter accounts, and other media sites.
  • Work to better implement the usage and utilization of social media with visit and recruitment events

Print and Web Designer

  • Pay starts at $8.50/hour*
  • One position available
  • Same responsibilities as Bear Guides, plus
  • Will work an additional 5-10 hours/week to
  • Keep the visit website updated and maintained
  • Assist with all printed publications for recruitment events (i.e. agendas, invitations, special projects, and more)
  • Produce and distribute the monthly AmBEARssador newsletter

Tech Gurus

  • Pay starts at $9.00/hour*
  • Two positions available
  • Same responsibilities as Bear Guides, plus
  • Will work an additional 10+ hours/week to
  • Create and update event registration forms
  • Create and update visit and event surveys
  • Work with Admissions counselors to assist with BRM (our Customer Relationship Management tool)

*pay rates are subject to change (up or down) and will be confirmed upon a job offer

If you are interested in any of the Student Ambassador positions, please follow link below and complete the online application by March 15th.

Student Ambassador Application

Graduate Student Positions Available for starting Summer/Fall 2013:

Student Ambassador Coordinator

  • Graduate Assistantship covers in-state tuition and pays a monthly stipend
  • Will work approximately 20 hours/ week
  • Oversees the Student Ambassador Program
  • Supervises student employees

Assistant Events Coordinator

  • Pay starts at $12/hour
  • Will work approximately 20 hours/week
  • Will coordinate campus participation at event days

Student Outreach Coordinator

  • Pay starts at $12/hour
  • Will work approximately 16-20 hours/week
  • Oversees student outreach
  • Initiates and implements call projects
  • Supervises students during evening hours
  • Trains students on how to make effective and efficient calls
  • Ensures excellent customer service is being provided

The graduate student position application will remain open until the positions are filled.  If you are interested in any of the Graduate Student positions, please follow the link below and complete the online application.

Graduate application link will be up soon.