Carmen Mesbergen

Carmen MesbergenHometown: Colorado
Academic Year: Junior
Major: English and French

My Plan After College:

travel, live and work/study abroad, and grad school.

Why UNC:

After one year in Michigan, I missed Colorado, so I chose UNC to most closely combine my interests and passions.

Advice To My Freshman Self:

Try new things to expand your horizons and don’t be afraid to fall, so long as you can learn more from that experience than if you had initially succeeded!

The Quote I Live By:

“If you would not be forgotten, when you are dead and rotten, either write something worth reading or do things worth the writing! ~Ben Franklin 

Favorite TV Show:


Favorite Movie:

Spy Game

Favorite Place To Eat:

In ParisJ

How I stay organized in college:

Sticky Notes… and electrical tape! You can move your schedule around that way, while still feeling in control.


When life gives you an obstacle, just jump it!