Carla Mejia

Hometown: Fort Morgan, COCarla Mejia
Academic Year: Sophomore
Area(s) of Study: Psychology major with a minor in biology and Spanish

Plan After College:

After college I plan to go to graduate school and get a master's in either clinical psychology or a doctorate in community psychology.

Why I chose UNC:

I chose UNC because first of all it was close enough to my hometown that if I felt extra home sick I could just get in my car and visit my family and yet it was far enough that I could learn to be independent. Another factor that influenced my decision was how affordable tuition was here.

Advice To My Freshman Self:

Explore everything with an open mind. Plans are great, but be ready to accommodate them according to your changing dreams and desires. Everyone's career path is not the same, so take your time and enjoy the journey.

The Quote I Live By:

900 years of time and space and I have never met someone who wasn't important. - The Doctor

How I stay organized in college:

At the beginning of the semester I go through all my class schedules and write in all the important dates in my calender. This helps me have a visual of when I need more down time to study and when I have more free time to schedule other activities. As far as organizing my class material, I like to have a notebook for each class along with a matching folder.