Olivia Johnstone

Hometown: Spokane, WAOlivia Johnstone
Academic year: Junior!
Area(s) of Study: Special Education Major with a Reading minor

Campus Involvement:

President of club Taekwondo, Resident Assistant in Snyder hall.

Plan After College:

I want to travel to Wyoming, Alaska, or North Dakota, and teach in rural towns, as well as get my Masters in Visually - Impaired Teaching, and Orientation and Mobility.

Why I chose UNC:

I chose UNC because of the phenomenal teaching program, and because I felt at home.

Advice To My Freshman Self:

Stay Calm and Seriously...stay calm.

How I stay organized in college:

Notepads, and notebooks, where I would write everything I needed to do in them. Also sticky notes for reminders.

If you could Trade Places with Any Other Person for a Week, with Whom Would it Be? :

Anne Hobbs Purdy; She is a woman, who taught in the late 1920's to around 1950's. She is the subject of the novel "Tisha" by Robert Specht. She accomplished so much in her years of teaching, and she believed that everyone can learn, and should be taught.