Kayla Frampton

Hometown: Parker, COKayla Frampton
Academic Year: Junior
Area(s) of Study: Elementary education with an endorsement in English as a second language.

Campus Involvement:

I love to work out and have a second job on the university campus

My Plan After College:

I hope to move to Arizona and teach elementary students who do not speak English as their first language. I also would love to have the opportunity to travel the world and teach abroad

Why I chose UNC:

I fell in love with the campus and how friendly the other students were. I have wanted to be a teacher all of my life and I loved the teaching program that UNC had to offer.

Advice To My Freshman Self:

Make the most out of your college days. It is in college that you will make some amazing memories and friends. This is the start of your future so make the most out of it. Also, GET INVOLVED in anything you can!

If you were written about in the newspaper what would the headline say:

College girl falls up stairs…Again!

How I stay organized in college:

I use my iPhone to stay connected with my professors and an app that tracks homework and tests. I also have my school planner that I use daily.