Olivia Johnstone

john7233@bears.unco.eduOlivia Johnstone

Hometown: Spokane, Washington
Academic Year: Sophomore
Major: Special Education

Things I am Involved in:

UNC Taekwondo Club, GLBTA Panel, Spectrum, and I volunteer at Rights to Read

My Plan After College:

I want to become a Teacher of the Visually- Impaired, and I would like to teach in Alaska

Why I Chose UNC:

As soon as I left from my first visit of the school, I went home and I signed my name accepting admittance. This school has a fantastic Special education program, the school also has great programs for all other majors, the community of UNC is fantastic, and the people are wonderful. I do not think I could have picked a more well-rounded and awesome school.

Advice To My Freshman Self:

Sometimes stressing and worrying about the future is time-consuming, and makes you feel like you are never going to make it. However, worrying can be good because it shows that you actually care and that you want to do well.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?

I would trade places with Cobie Smulders because she plays Robin on the show How I Met Your Mother. I think it would be super awesome to be her character for a week on that show.

The Quote I Live By:

“Remember where you come from.”

Favorite Movie:

Dragonheart, King Arthur, and Ever After