Accounting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule Carter 1001, the Financial Services conference room?
Carter 1001 has a conference table with 12 chairs, dry erase board with screen, a telephone for on-campus calls and wireless and hardwired internet access. You are asked to leave the room clean, chairs pushed in, board erased, supplies as provided, light off and door unlocked.  There is no charge to use this room.
Call Susan McGuire, 351-2228, to schedule the room.
Who do I talk to about my accounting reports?
If you have a question about a Fund/Org, a transaction in Banner, or the content of a particular report, please contact the accountant assigned to your Org.
If your college or department fund mananger / responsible person needs to be updated, please send a signed memo to General Accounting giving the Fund/Org number and the name of the current fund manager or responsible person. Your request will be directed to the appropriate accountant and they will make the necessary changes.
What is the balance in my Fund or Org?
Fund and Org balances are available through the Banner system and the Insight reporting module. An accountant can provide you with a balance and direct you to the best method for obtaining balance and transaction information. 
Can employees or students purchase surplus equipment from departments?
No. State fiscal rules and Colorado legislation prohibit employees or students from purchasing surplus state equipment. The perception by a taxpayer that tax dollars are used to purchase equipment, then sold at reduced prices to employees or students has been a concern of legislators. University policies also restrict departments from selling surplus items  to employees or students.
How can a department dispose of surplus equipment?
Departments need to contact Property Control (Joe Tacoronte, 351-2389) for the paperwork so that property records can be adjusted. Then contact Facilities & Management staff (Parsons Hall) for pick-up of the item(s). Please note that if equipment was purchased with grant funds, You'll need to contact OSP at 351-1907 concerning disposal.
What is Capital Equipment?
Capital equipment is defined as any equipment, fixture or furniture having an original cost of $5,000 or more, a useful life of more than one year, and that will not lose its identity through incorporation into a more complex unit. These items will have a UNC property tag attached to them and will be inventoried annually.