Accounting Services

Top 10 Benefits of e-Bill

  • It saves 49 40-foot-tall, 6-inch-diameter trees each year and the energy and water used to produce 49 trees worth of paper.
  • Parents or other authorized payers can receive e-mail notification when an e-Bill is available and view it prior to submitting payment.
  • It operates in conjunction with Ursa, so it’s secure and confidential.
  • It’s available seven days a week from any computer with an Internet connection and browser. The system is unavailable 8:45 p.m.-4 a.m. nightly for system maintenance and records processing.
  • There’s additional time to review and pay a bill prior to the due date since there are no delays from standard mail delivery.
  • Bills are more up-to-date because of reduced lag time between production and delivery.
  • Online credit card and check payment (ACH) options make paying a bill easy and convenient.
  • You can still mail or drop off a check or pay with a credit card over the phone.
  • Twelve months of billing and payment history is available.
  • You can give your parents access to only the e-Billing system.