Policies Regarding Billings and Student Accounts

All billed charges on student  accounts are generally due and payable on the last working day of the month. The first bills of the semester may be due at a different time of the month. This due date is displayed on the monthly e-Bill statement.  A service charge of 1.5% will be assessed on all unpaid billed charges if not received in the University Cashier’s office by this due date. Subsequent billings can be viewed on Ursa if a balance is due. All charges on student accounts must be paid in full for the current semester in order for you to pre-register for a future semester.

Responsibility of the Student for Charge Accuracy and Address Maintenance: It is your RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that the University has your correct address for tax mailings and other University correspondence. You will receive your bills electronically. E-bills may be viewed on Ursa. You will receive an e-mail telling you when a new bill is ready to view. Any changes and/or additions that occur after the first e-Bill date of the semester will appear on the next regular e-Bill. Please view your account on Ursa for the most current balance.

If you have any questions  about specific items appearing on your e-Bill, the following departments should be contacted:

Charge Link to their Websites Phone Number
Address Maintenance Registrar’s Office 970-351-2231
Credit Card Payments Cashier’s Office 970-351-2201
Dining Charges Dining Services 970-351-2652
Financial Aid Student Financial Resources 970-351-2502
Health Insurance Student Health Insurance 970-351-1915
Health Services Charges Student Health Center 970-351-2412
Housing Charges Residence Life 970-351-2721
Library Fines Michener Library 970-351-2671
Parking Fines Parking Services 970-351-1971
Service Charges, Statements Accounts Receivable 970-351-2201
UNC Telecommunications Telephone Services 970-351-1180

When remitting payments  by mail be sure to include the bottom portion of your Statement of Account.  You may print a copy of your e-Bill from Ursa. Include the ID# of the account you are paying on your check. It is also  the student’s responsibility to read all published information concerning the payment of a bill. Information is published in the Schedule of Classes  and the University Catalog.

Student Fees - Your Student fees are committed to support essential student activities and programs. You are required to pay these fees each  term, whether or not you use activities and services underwritten by the fees.

Student Health Insurance: Non-payment of the insurance DOES NOT waive the student health insurance. A waiver form must be submitted by you, to  the Student Health Center before the published deadline or you will be charged  for health insurance if you are a student registered for 9 or more hours.

Financial Aid: Financial Aid is first applied to your student account.  Any aid over and above the charges on your account will be disbursed as a refund and directly deposited to your checking account if you have set up a direct deposit to your bank account through the UNC Card Office.   Any charges that are applied to your student account after financial aid  has been applied will be billed to you during the normal billing cycle.  If you have any questions or concerns about the amount deposited to your  checking account, please contact the Accounts Receivable office immediately.

If you wish to cancel all or part of your Stafford Loan or Perkins Loan, you must notify Student Financial Resources in writing no later than 14 calendar days from the date of your billing or the first  day of classes, whichever is later.

Keeping Addresses Up to Date:

  • LOCAL/CURRENT MAILING ADDRESS: This address is used for university mail, tax information, etc. for registered students when school is in session.
  • PERMANENT/HOME ADDRESS: This address is used for all university mail for registered students when school is not in session.

Sanctions Against Delinquent Accounts:

  • All Student accounts must be cleared of prior  term balances before you will be permitted to register for the next semester. In addition, a hold will  be placed on other university services, such as transcripts and/or diplomas.
  • A 1.5% per month service charge will be assessed  on any unpaid billed charges.
  • Delinquent accounts are subject to collection  fees resulting from internal collections and/or the use of collection agencies. 

Returned Check Policy: Personal checks that are accepted by any unit of the University and are returned by the bank are subject to a $20 returned check fee on the Statement of Account.