Bear Pay FAQs

What is Bear Pay?

UNC’s Bear Pay is a monthly payment plan that allows you to pay your bill in five equal installments rather than one lump sum. 

What charges can be put on Bear Pay?

Tuition, fees, room and board, parking permits, health insurance and library charges can all be put on the plan.  The only charges that can’t be included are purchases from Bear Logic for computers that are already on a monthly plan, University Apartment rent that is already charged monthly and Student Health Center charges.

I made my monthly payment, why do I still owe?

If you have charges for Bear Logic, the Health Center or University Apartment rent , these are not included in your monthly payment plan and must be paid separately. 

How can I enroll in Bear Pay?

Log in to your URSA account, click on the Financial tab, My Statement channel, then click on the eBill icon (or click on the eBill and Payment History or Bear Pay line just below the icon). Then click on the Payment Plan tab and follow the instructions.

When are my payments due?

One-fifth of the total payment plan is due on the 20th of each month during the fall and spring semesters.  During the summer we offer a three-month plan and one-third of the total payment plan is due on the 30th of each month.

What if I miss the first payment deadline?  Can I still enroll?

If you enroll after the first monthly payment is due, your balance will be split into four monthly payments.  You are not eligible to enroll after  the second payment deadline has passed.

Is there a Bear Pay plan for summer and interim semesters?

There is a three-month Bear Pay plan for summer but there is no Bear Pay plan for interim term.

What happens if I add or drop a class after I enroll?

Bear Pay will automatically recalculate your monthly payments for any changes to your account.  You will receive an email letting you know when there are adjustments made to your Bear Pay plan what your new monthly payment will be.

What happens if my financial aid comes in after I sign up for Bear Pay?

Your monthly payments will be recalculated for any financial aid or other payments credited to your account and you will receive an email notification telling you what your new payments will be.

How can I make my Bear Pay payments?

When you enroll in the plan you will be asked to provide a checking account or credit card that will be charged monthly on the payment plan due date.  You don’t even need to remember to make your payment -- it’s all automatic!

Does it cost to be in Bear Pay?

There is a one-time per semester, nonrefundable enrollment fee of $50.

Will I still be charged service charges if I’m in Bear Pay?

No.  Once you are enrolled in Bear Pay you will not be assessed additional service charges.  If you miss two payments you will be removed from Bear Pay and your current balance is due and payable immediately; subject to the 1.5% per month service fee on unpaid balances.

What happens if I miss a payment?

There is a $15 late fee per month if your payment isn’t received by the due date.   If you miss two payments, you will be removed from Bear Pay and your current balance is due and payable immediately and subject to the 1.5% per month service fee on unpaid balances.

Will I receive a statement?

You will receive your regular monthly eBill statements each month.  You will receive an email in your Bear mail account each time a statement is ready for your viewing.  You can always go into your Bear Pay account and view it at any time.

Can my payment plan be cancelled?

If you miss two payments, your payment plan will be cancelled and the remaining balance, including any late fees, will be due immediately.  A service charge of 1.5% per month will be assessed if your bill is not paid in full at that time.  If you have already registered for the next term and miss two payments, you will be dropped from your future term courses.

How does the payment plan affect my class registration?

If your payments are kept up to date, you’ll be allowed to register for the next semester.  However, if you are registered for the following semester and you miss a payment, you will be dropped from those classes.

Are there any plan restrictions?

The minimum plan amount is $500, and maximum plan amount cannot exceed UNC’s tuition, room, board and fees for an academic semester, plus $200 from a prior semester.

I have been using the Registration Payment Agreement.  Is that still an option?

No, the Registration Payment Agreement has been replaced by Bear Pay.

Can my parents sign me up for Bear Pay?

If you sign up your parents as authorized users they can enroll you in Bear Pay.  If they are already an authorized user for eBills they are also an authorized user for Bear Pay.  If you need to sign your parent up as an authorized user, you can follow the instructions listed here.

What happens to my Bear Pay plan if I withdraw?

If you withdraw, you will be removed from the payment plan and assessed a 1.5% monthly service charge on all past due balances.