Undergraduate Education - Additional Information

You Might Want to Know

  • University College - First-year and transfer students who have not yet declared a major can explore career ideas, potential areas of study and personal strengths in University College’s “Exploring the Liberal Arts” program.
  • Honors, Scholars and Leadership Programs - Multiple programs are available for academically talented and motivated students who want to make the most of their college experience.
  • Study Abroad - Enrich your academic studies with a semester of study in a foreign country.
  • Tutoring - Sometimes getting on track, especially early in your college career, takes a little extra effort. Multiple free supplemental instruction programs are available if you need them.
  • Academics and Housing - Living with those who share your academic interests or career goals is a great way to learn and make new friends.
  • University 101  – Program consisting of two paired Liberal Arts Core courses designed to promote entering freshmen’s successful academic, social, and personal transition from high school to UNC.
  • Advising – A knowledgeable and caring faculty member from your major will guide you through your academic decisions so your preparation makes good sense to you today, and to your employer tomorrow.
  • Libraries – At Northern Colorado, libraries are more than just buildings full of books; they’re the hubs of most students’ academic life and team work with other students.
  • I haven’t chosen a major - You won’t be totally on your own if you’re undeclared; a peer or professional advisor from the Office for Academic Support and Advising will help you with course selection and major selection to help you find your path.
  • Liberal Arts Core/General Education - Northern Colorado’s Liberal Arts Core program, which replaced the General Education program for students admitted to the university beginning with fall 2006, is the foundation for a lifetime of learning.
  • Computer Labs - The university’s computer commons is open 24 hours a day and most buildings on campus have computer labs, including specialized program labs such as our geography mapping facility.