About Ursa

E-Bill Instructions

  1. Log on to Ursa at https://ursa.unco.edu using your University of Northern Colorado Personal Digital Identity (PDID) information (network user name and password).
  2. Click on the Financial tab.
  3. Click on Pay/View eBill or Bear Pay link
  4. On the Select Term Screen (not shown), use the Drop-Down Menu to select the term and click on the Submit button.
  5. On the Account Detail for Term screen, click on the Pay/View eBill or Bear Pay button. Please wait while your information loads.
  6. You're now in eBill / Bear Pay. Use the main navigation menu below the page banner to view and print your bill, view account activity, make or schedule a payment, set up automatic payments, add an authorized user, or set up your Bear Pay Plan. Some more frequently used functions are found in the Quick View box.
  7. To view your e-bill, click on the eBills link.
  8. In the e-Bill screen:
    If you want to make an electronic payment, click either on the Payments link in the main navigation menu or the blue Pay link in the Account Summary section and follow the instructions on the subsequent screens.

    If you want to create a printable copy of your bill, click on the blue Print This Statement link. If you want to mail your payment to the Bursar’s Office, you can create a remittance slip to include with your payment by clicking on the Mail in remittance slips link at the bottom of your e-bill.

    You also can view recent activity for your account and view previous statements (e-bills).
  9. To give an authorized user access to your e-bills, click on the Authorized Users link in the main navigation menu.
  10. Read the privacy rights information and if you want to add an authorized user, click on the Add an Authorized User button.
  11. In the Authorized Users screen, enter the e-mail address of the person you want to add as an authorized user.
  12. Make sure that Yes is marked for the two questions in order to allow the person you are authorizing access to your e-bills and payment history; then click on the Add User button.
  13. After reading the Authorization Agreement, enter the last four digits of your Bear Number in the Student ID number field and click on the I Agree button to add the authorized user.
  14. Your authorized user will automatically be sent an e-mail notifying them that they have been added and containing his or her randomly generated password, which they can change after logging in the first time, and instructions for logging in to e-Bill.
  15. Click on the Log Out link in the top right corner of e-Bill and Ursa screens when you are finished to protect your confidential information.

Important Note

Whenever you use Ursa, don’t forget to log out. Ursa contains personal information such as grades, financial aid, e-mail addresses, etc. and if you don’t log out someone else might be able to access it.