About Ursa

Viewing a Student’s Registration Audit

  1. Log on to Ursa at https://ursa.unco.edu using your network user name and password.
  2. Access Production Banner (INB) via the link under your Employee tab.
  3. Go to SFASTCA using the Go To field or choose Student Course Registration Audit from the Student Menu.
  4. Enter the term in the Term field (e.g. 200650 = Fall 2006) or use the Term drop-down menu to select the term.
  5. Enter the student’s Bear Number in the ID field.
  6. The Registration From Date and Registration To Date are optional and will usually be left blank.
  7. Perform a Next Block using the Block icon or the Block drop-down menu in the tool bar, or by using the shortcut keys: Ctrl + Page Down.
    View Student Registration Audit
    All of a student’s registration activity will be listed on the audit including adds, drops, withdrawals and faculty releases. If wwwuser is listed in the User field, it means that the transaction occurred on self-service. Any transaction occurring in Banner Production will list the name of the person who completed the transaction. Faculty releases can also be tracked on this form. If a course was released it will have an “F” in the Error Flag field, meaning that the student could not register for the course without being released. Any attempt to add courses is also shown.

Course status (left side, second line) identifies courses added, dropped, etc. The codes are:

  • AU - Audit
  • DC - Course dropped by Registrar’s Office
  • DD - Course dropped and deleted from schedule
  • DW - Course dropped via self-service
  • NR - No report
  • RE - Course added by the Registrar’s Office
  • RW - Course added via self-service
  • WC - Course withdrawn via self-service
  • WR - Course withdrawn by the Registrar’s Office
  • WW - Complete withdrawal from the semester