About Ursa

Viewing a Student’s Curriculum

  1. Log on to Ursa at https://ursa.unco.edu using your network user name and password.
  2. Access Production Banner (INB) via the link under your Employee tab.
  3. Go to SGASTDN using the Go To field.
  4. Enter the student’s Bear Number in the ID field.
  5. If you are looking for a specific term you can enter the term in the Term field, but if it is left blank the record for the most current term will appear.
  6. Perform a Next Block using the Block icon or the Block drop-down menu in the tool bar, or by using the shortcut keys: Ctrl + Page Down.
  7. Click on the Curricula tab.
    View Student Curriculum

Curriculum involves the following:

  • Catalog Term - This is the catalog year that the student is operating in. Any catalog prior to Fall 2006 will be using General Education; any catalog Fall 2006 and after will be using the Liberal Arts Core.
  • Priority - This will designate the order of a student’s program(s) of study (i.e. 1 = first major, 2 = second major, etc.) The program and all additional field of study items, such as major, concentration and minor will follow the same priority number sequence.
  • Program - The student’s program of study (e.g. BS-BUSAD-GEN)
    • Type - This field will describe a specific part of a student’s field of study (i.e. major, concentration or minor)
      • Major - The student’s major (e.g. BSAD)
      • Concentration - Previously known as the student’s EMPHASIS area (e.g. BGEN) Licensure codes are listed as concentrations and under most circumstances will have a priority number of 2.

The curriculum information will show you the code as well as the description of that code.

To view any additional curriculum (program of study) information, click on the arrows in the upper right of the Curriculum section of the screen to move forward or backward. The Current indicator will show as “Y” for an active curriculum and “N” for an inactive curriculum.